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Advanced Communication Skills


Course Code: TM107

Duration: 2 days


From cave paintings, carrier pigeons, and Morse code to the telephone, instant messaging and social media we have been successfully interacting throughout history for many centuries.  Communication plays a critical role in every aspect life and non-more so than business. Possessing or developing communication skills helps the business and its leaders grow. Good communication helps build positive team relationships, prevents conflict, and effectively promotes the brand.  Businesses who have effective dialogue with their customers thrive, it’s all about customer centricity, finding out your customers’ needs and providing the solution.

Who Should Attend

This interactive workshop is suitable for those in sales, marketing or customer service, any function that is customer facing or for anyone who is responsible for building and managing influential relationships as part of a team or managing and leading a team.


This two-day workshop will change the way you interact with others, you will capitalise on your existing skills and be equipped with new techniques to fine-tune and improve your own style of communication.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build upon existing communication skills
  • Develop communication style to increase rapport
  • Dealing with challenging and complex situations
  • Effective communications within your team
  • Body language and listening
  • Assertive communication techniques
  • Identify different styles to be more persuasive
  • Understand the psychology of communication
  • Manage challenging relationships
  • Use questioning techniques to uncover needs
  • Stakeholder mapping and influencing
  • Relationship management strategy

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