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Advanced email marketing


Interact with customers in a stimulating and engaging way

Course Code: TM27

Duration: 1 day


Email remains the most efficient means of communication between organisations and their clients, in terms of time, cost and ease of use. Social media platforms and other avenues of digital communication have made some inroads into its position as the primary means of client interaction, but email still comprises the majority of all contact.  Organisations need email marketers who can use this giant of communication in new and interesting ways.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for communications, marketing and agency account managers who have responsibility for email campaigns.


Participants on this course will discover or cement in their minds the latest industry best practices. Instructors will take them through new marketing tools to ensure participants can improve the open and conversion rates that are so essential to growing business. Other metrics such as click-through rates will also be covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Devising an email campaign strategy
  • Best use of marketing tools
  • Email campaigns best use in the marketing mix
  • Blending email with social media
  • Data and insights interpretation
  • A/B testing and other techniques
  • Improving click through and conversion rates
  • Legal and surrounding best practices

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