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Advances in data-driven marketing particularly the areas of analysis and reporting alongside developments in digital analytics has led to a requirement to build new sets of skills around gathering customer insights and understanding customer journeys. Google Analytics amongst other universal analytics tools, remains one of the key tools marketers use in supporting this capability. This workshop goes beyond day-to-day reporting with the aim of setting up advanced analysis and reporting

It follows on from the Google Analytics introduction course or your own broad experience of Google Analytics web measurement.

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Advanced Google Analytics will take you beyond the standard reports available, allowing you to compare and contrast a wide range of measures and metrics, as well as gain marketing insights from data beyond your website. With the rise of Universal Analytics, you’ll be connecting data from everything from Bing and Facebook to generated lead calls and CRM interactions.


This course is aimed at data analysts and marketers who have their website at the heart of their business. You will be looking for a greater understanding of how to ensure your tracking is set up correctly and to set up advanced reports and concepts for brand awareness, e-commerce and lead generation.

You will already be confidently using Google Analytics on a regular (weekly at least) basis for reporting and analysis or attended to the introductory Google Analytics course. To get the full benefit of the course, Administrator access to your Google Analytics account is preferred to fully participate in this course.


Determine which configuration of Google Analytics is set up, what it will do and if it needs upgrading.

Build customised reports to improve insights for your teams.

Learn how to use advanced filters, know when to apply them and combine these filters with profiles to get greater understanding of your website usage.

Deeper understanding of tracking specific goals and events for Brand Awareness, E-commerce, Lead Generation, Publishers and Customer Support.

Learn how to find and match anything with regular expressions in Google Analytics.

Advanced set up with cross-domain tracking and subdomains.

Discover custom variables, what they are and how to apply them using specific examples.

Define Organic Search performance to show what your SEO is really doing.

Reveal how your social channels are working for you by influence, source, interactions and goals.

Understand Google Analytics Data Sampling, what it is and the best practices to use to reduce sampling.

Multi-channel funnels and attribution across first, last and assisted clicks.

Plan for Google Universal Analytics and the inclusion of Bing and Facebook Advertising data, call tracking and CRM integration.

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