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Advanced Google Analytics


Deepen your expertise for increased performance

Course Code: TM27a

Duration: 1 day


The Google Analytics (GA) advanced training course is suitable for GA users who use the software regularly. This specific training course is designed for analysts and analytical marketing service teams. The workshop will show you how to build customized reports to improve insights for your partners in marketing.




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Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at data analysts and marketers who have their website at the heart of their business. You will be looking for a greater understanding of how to ensure your tracking is set up correctly and to set up reports and concepts for brand awareness, e-commerce and lead generation.


This course will give you a deeper understanding of tracking specific goals and events for brand awareness, e-commerce and lead generation. You will learn how to find and match anything with regular expressions in Google Analytics and reveal how your social channels are working for you by analysing influence, source, interactions and goals.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand Google Analytics data sampling
• Best Practices for reducing sampling
• Multi-Channel funnels
• Google Universal Analytics
• Bing, Facebook and Advertising data
• Call Tracking
• CRM Integration
• Cross domain tracking
• Sub domains
• Custom Variables
• .SEO Performance analysis
• Use and interpret content reports
• Measure what visitors want from and are doing with your sites.
• Identify quality traffic and drivers of revenue and conversions to action.
• Set up and track digital marketing campaigns; search (paid and non-paid), email, social, display, affiliates, etc.

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