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Must Know Law For Marketers


Course Outline

Must-know law for marketers is all about the practical application of the law as it affects marketers and sales professionals in their day-to-day activities. However we’ve designed this event as a marketing course and not a legal course. So we’ll bring the subject to life by building your knowledge and technical skills of the laws and regulations that shape marketing in the 21st century.


Delivered through a mix of seminars with practical exercises, this course will take you through all the marketing milestones through the eyes of the law. These will include everything from lead generation, advertising and direct marketing to customer acquisition, contracting and product and sale.

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You’ll leave having gained the confidence to create and deliver a successful, lawful marketing strategy. You’ll have expanded your knowledge of important marketing law and learnt to motivate others to stay compliant. And you can be part of a senior management team that understands the threats to your organisation and risks of non-compliance, while championing the cause of brand and reputation protection.


Advanced Must Know Law has been developed for marketing professionals, business owners and managers. It is designed for delegates with the responsibility to commission, design and/or manage their organisation’s marketing strategy and activities.


International, European, UK, Common law and how you can stay up-to-date with changes.

Who are the Regulators, the ASA, the Information Commissioner, what do they do, what powers they have and how they use them


Key marketing skills we will build with you;

Contract law

Intellectual Property incl. copyright

Trademarks and ‘passing-off’

Marketing communications

Comparative advertising

Data protection, ‘cookie law’ and the new EU Regulation

Social media and user generated copy

Unfair commercial practices and Consumer Rights

Competitions, prize draws


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