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Advanced PPC


Enhance the effectiveness of your organisation’s PPC campaigns

Course Code: TM28

Duration: 1 day


PPC campaigns are now an essential component of any wider advertising campaign or marketing strategy. Time, resource and budget are all required to build and roll out these campaigns and this course will show you how to do this in a time and cost-effective way.  Simply investing in keywords will not lead to results. Companies must be savvy in their spend to maximise their reach through a variety of searches on a variety of platforms, from traditional search engines to mobile and social search.

Who Should Attend

This course is best suited to marketers who conduct PPC campaigns, from inception to close. Those working in either B2B or B2C spheres can attend. Experience in using Google AdWords or similar programmes is preferred but not essential.


Learn how to build an effective PPC campaign from start to finish. Reduction in spend while increasing efficiency is a key goal of a PPC campaign and this course will show your staff how to go about this. Make sure key prospects are not missed by increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns within the marketing mix.

Learning Outcomes

  • Paid Search
  • Keywords and landing pages using paid search
  • Bidding effectively
  • Researching keywords
  • Developing an audience
  • How to recognize competitors
  • Interpreting campaign reports
  • Effective campaign building
  • Writing for online pick up and SEO
  • Marketing tools with PPC
  • When and how to use search agencies
  • PPC for search across other platforms and media

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