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SEO Techniques – Off Site

Course Outline

LEVEL: Advanced



Despite constant changes to algorithms and approaches within digital marketing, the fact remains that links to a website still account for a third of ranking equity. This Advanced SEO training course will aid you in leveraging existing marketing assets for link building, developing compelling link building campaigns and content and improving domain authority and trust through third party placements. This course also covers how digital PR can be used to increase links to a website.

Who is this course for?

This advanced SEO course is ideal for SEO and digital marketing professionals looking to refresh and adapt link building and SEO campaigns to modern and diverse markets. This course has also been attended by PR professionals looking to increase offering to clients by being able to offer an SEO benefit to PR campaigns.


What you will learn

  • Learn how to plan link building campaigns that will result in positive outcomes
  • The identification of positive and negative linking opportunities
  • How to adapt a content marketing campaign with links in mind
  • Effective approach to third party publishers for link building
  • The use of social media and PR with link building
  • Building long term relationships with journalists
  • Planning and managing a link building team
  • Measuring the impact of link building and for branding and domain authority



Since the Google Penguin updates of 2012, link building has become an organisation wide process rather than just employing link builders. This has lead organisations to miss many opportunities and therefore fall behind in SEO and ultimately lose sales and leads. This course will allow your company to have a plan and a workflow to continue building links across the web, social media and social networks.


A cautious approach to link building since the ramifications of Google Penguin updates in 2012 has led to mis-information and skepticism of link building across organisations looking to improve SEO. Despite changes to Google algorithms there is a need to actively build links for SEO success. This course will allow you to understand and grow effective link building campaigns which are search engine and brand friendly.



Course Overview

  • Research and Planning Offsite Campaigns:
    • Confirming linking building goals
    • Defining Key Performance Indicators and benchmarking statistics
    • Assessing the value of link building
    • Managing effective campaigns
  • Content Marketing:
    • Creating content engaging content
    • Identifying and targeting content to customers
    • Building sharable content
  • How to gain links:
    • Pitching a request for links
    • Customising link approaches
    • Why should somebody give you a link?
  • Online PR and Outreach:
    • Leveraging your PR for low hanging fruit
    • Creating newsworthy links
    • Building long term relationships
  • Management and Measurement:
    • Managing link building teams
    • How to measure the success of links, and which software to use
    • Planning for future algorithm changes

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