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SEO Techniques – On site

Course Outline

LEVEL: Advanced



This advanced SEO training course will show you how to plan on site SEO, review current performance and approach that can increase organic search presence, rankings and traffic – with the view of increasing customers and business performance. The training courses will focus on varied onsite assets across your website, including those to aid in mobile, local or international search. This will aid in multi-channel marketing and SEO campaigns.

This course follows on from our digital marketing, SEO Course.

Who is this course for?

This training course is for marketing and website managers looking improve understanding of SEO practice and improve and plan campaign performance across both B2B and B2C marketing channels. Attendees should have an experience of working on SEO campaigns and a basic knowledge of data analytics processes.

Learning objectives

  • Research trends, build onsite plans, management and integrate structured SEO programs across various teams
  • Effectively measure the results of your SEO campaigns and provide data on proving success to internal or external stakeholders
  • Make the best use of your SEO budget for improved RoI
  • Win the support of stakeholders still skeptical about the value of SEO
  • Actionable insights to drastically improve SEO campaigns for long term success
  • Understand the benefits of SEO at a broader level within your business


This advanced SEO training course will provide attendees with actionable insights to improve SEO and the value of digital within a business. This includes how to orchestrate SEO campaigns for overall success.

Course Overview

  • Insight to the core areas of improving your SEO
    • Content
    • Links to your website
    • User engagement
    • Technical aspects of the website
    • Building Trust Flow and Domain Authority
  • Reporting to different stakeholders on relevant SEO metrics
  • Perform SEO keyword research and competitor analysis to be able to reverse engineer competitor success
  • Build RoI models for short, medium and long-term value reporting
  • Identify the existing strengths and weaknesses of your current website
  • Utilising budgets for effective SEO results across multiple channels
  • How to improve the results of existing content
  • Effective SEO reporting
  • Developing SEO campaigns to your target markets
  • Build an SEO toolbox suited to your needs
  • SEO copywriting for audiences and algorithms
  • Using social media to increase organic reach
  • How to pick an SEO Agency
  • The core rules attributable to SEO success

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