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Affiliate Marketing


Optimising affiliate marketing for increased revenue and performance

Course Code: TM30

Duration: 1 day


Affiliate marketing operates in a performance-based marketing structure. A business will award affiliates with customers brought in by them. This workshop covers the essentials of affiliate marketing – ultimately offering participants the ability to develop and implement an Affiliate marketing campaign, programme or plan.

Who Should Attend

Mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships can be developed and implemented using Affiliate marketing strategies. Manage your own company’s reputation, while growing your revenues.


Any professionals within the sales and marketing functions of an organization will benefit from this course. Building up a new affiliate network or improving on an existing network will allow for successful partnerships to be developed post workshop.

Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing: the basics
  • Affiliate marketing and the marketing mix
  • Successful affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Partner relationships
  • Relationships: who does what?
  • Developing an existing network
  • Web sales for affiliate marketing
  • Analysis of the performance of your affiliates
  • Growing your network
  • Optimising affiliate marketing

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