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Bettering the Brand Experience


Evolve the brand strategy into a rewarding experience

Course Code: TM142

Duration: 2 days


Our exposure to brands over the years have changed, the internet, improved connectivity and the ubiquity of mobile phones and tablets have increased the amount of eyeballs a brand can command. Business models are transforming, consumer spending is changing and so is the overall shopping experience. Brands need to focus on the interactions that deliver a great brand experience to its prospects and customers.

Who Should Attend

This workshop has been specifically designed for marketers preparing for/or reviewing a brand plan and its effectiveness. It would also serve senior managers having to evaluate the brand plans submitted to them by marketing specialist, graphic designers or agencies contributing to the brand experience.


This workshop will help you explore the customer buying journey, their experiences, and touchpoints and help you design a more effective user experience for prospects/customers’ ongoing future interactions with your brand.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is a branded customer experience?
  • What does your brand stand for?
  • What are brand touchpoints?
  • How to identify and map touchpoints
  • Understanding brand strategy
  • How different components drive the brand
  • How employees influence the brand experience
  • How sensory branding works
  • Distinctive customer experiences
  • Brand heritage, values and culture
  • Consider your brands vocabulary
  • Understanding the importance of design
  • Innovate for success

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