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Bid and Tender Management


Learn to manage and write highly competent bids and proposals

Course Code: TM82

Duration: 2 days


Achieving sales growth within an organisation more often than not requires participation in formal tenders, which in turn means business development people need to produce high quality bids as part of the request for proposal (RFP) stage. Writing proposals to address a tender is no easy process, and requires strict management, deadline oriented project coordination, and excellent writing skills.

Who Should Attend

This two-day workshop is designed for managers, sales people and support staff who have any responsibility in the bid process or implementation - and is an opportunity for them to review their present activity against other approaches and other industry sectors. The workshop is designed to be interactive so that participants can direct their discussions towards the areas they are involved in.


As well as giving delegates the basics of the bidding process and the makings of a successful proposal, the course will look at how to manage the process all the way through to post-submission and evaluation.

Learning Outcomes

  • An introduction to bids
  • The EU and legal influences in the bid process
  • PQQ’s & Tenders
  • Market evaluation
  • Customer/competitor research
  • Decision to bid
  • Managing the bid process
  • Key Stakeholders and roles
  • Defining and planning the bid strategy
  • Understanding the customers full needs
  • Discovering the competition and their activity
  • Defining a bid and project team
  • Establishing ownership for the bid

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