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Brand to Demand Marketing


Develop brand lust

Course Code: VS04

Duration: 2 days


Refreshing a company’s brand to drive consideration and demand is key to the success of businesses in the digital era. If your prospect doesn’t know your company or solution – or worse, your company or product value proposition messaging doesn’t resonate with them – it doesn’t matter how savvy your demand strategy is, you will fail. We must now refocus on brand and positioning and baking these necessities into the demand marketing effort.

Who Should Attend

The programme is specifically for B2B or B2C brand, marketing, strategy and product managers. Whether you are new to the role or have experience, you will benefit by attending and it does not require prior knowledge of brand marketing. It is particularly beneficial to those who are required to develop their brand to differentiate from competitors and create a compelling resonance with prospects and customers.


In many businesses, from consumer goods to industrial services, the primary assets are increasingly intangible. First amongst these is the brand, whether this consists of a portfolio of branded businesses or the corporate brand itself. In both instances, the brand asset needs to be managed to build customer loyalty and resourced so that the competitive advantage it generates can be sustained. Similarly, one way the equity that lies in the brand can be leveraged is by appropriately extending the brand. Managing the brand, therefore, requires insights into customer buying behaviours, brand preferences and repeat purchasing patterns. It also requires a clear understanding of the levers of successful brand strategies and the tenets of managing brands in the new digital world.

Learning Outcomes

• Power of brand and how this creates demand
• Understand the role played by brands in the customer decision making process
• Calculating brand equity and financial value
• Brand loyalty and consumer/business profiles
• Brand positioning, brand elements and brand extensions
• Brand strategies and demand models
• Powerful branding management through digital marketing

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