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Branding The Customer Experience


Course Outline

Brands need to focus on the interactions that collectively deliver a great brand experience to prospects and customers. Positive and negative brand experiences can affect the reputation and expectation of a brand and impact on a brands overall integrity.

This workshop will explore the customer experiences that occur throughout the customers buying journey and throughout the customers ongoing future interactions with your brand via employees, service processes, brand ambassadors other third parties and suppliers. The customer experience occurs through the senses – sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Methods for auditing and mapping the branded customer experience will be introduced.

branding customer experience


Identifying poor or failing touchpoints leading to innovative solutions in managing the customer experience. Understanding how the brand’s promise can be communicated and understood throughout your organisation so it has equal meaning to employees and customers. Applying new ideas for evaluating the customers branded experience and establishing how to evolve the brand strategy into valuable and rewarding experiences that deliver the brand promise at every interaction.


What is a branded customer experience?

What are brand touchpoints?

How to identify and map touchpoints.

Understanding brand strategy.

How different components drive the brand experience.

How employees and external audiences influence the brand experience.

How sensory branding: sight, sound, touch, taste and smell, delivers emotive experiences and points of difference.

Understanding brand heritage, values and culture.

Consider your brands vocabulary, special words and phrases.

The critical effect of brand champions.

Understanding the importance of design and how it drives innovation.

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