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Compelling Channel & Alliance Strategies


Discover and optimise powerful routes to market

Course Code: VS12

Duration: 2 days


Channels and alliances can quickly help your business build up significant revenues, profitability and market share. You no longer have to rely on organic growth to build your market but you can learn powerful channel and alliance strategies to help you achieve your market potential.

​Channel and alliance management includes not only getting the products or services to the customer, but also delivers multiple opportunities to enhance income and extend sales penetration. Businesses that describe how to manage such affiliations can benefit from improving sales, active channel-alliance contribution, and building long-term cooperative business correlations. However, expressing creative alliance guidelines, managing distribution/reseller/wholesaler channels, and inspiring these partners successfully is challenging.

Who Should Attend

The programme is specifically for B2B or B2C channel, alliance, partnerships, strategy, product and sales managers. Whether you are new to the role or have experience, you will benefit by attending and it does not require prior knowledge of channels or alliance management. It is particularly beneficial to those who are required to make their organisation more channel and alliance focused, and is both strategic and tactical.


This powerful programme will help you identify and manage channel and alliance partnership strategies and provide new ways of thinking so you can increase the ROI. The hands-on nature of the programme demonstrates and discusses effective real-world channel and alliance case studies across the globe.

​We will show you how to build a powerful vision with your partners, formulate channel and alliance tactics through strategic marketing planning and evaluation, derive proper marketing communications techniques and enhance communications skills to generate a two-way discussion that results in trust, learn how to negotiate win-win results when channel and alliance partners are in conflict and analyse your channel/alliance efficiencies and financial performance.

Learning Outcomes

• Build effective channel/alliance strategies and marketing plans
• Understand how to work with partners marketing divisions and departments
• Work effectively on joint marketing activities and initiatives
• Review and optimise channel/alliance marketing relationships
• Discovering and exploring the fundamentals of successful partner marketing
• Understanding the channel/alliance marketing life cycle
• Identifying, establishing and managing special partnerships
• Creating formal and informal sales/marketing structures
• Recognising the competencies of channel/alliance-savvy organisations

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