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Conflict Resolution


Defuse and resolve conflicts in the workplace

Course Code: TM127

Duration: 1 day


Conflict in the work environment manifests in numerous ways,  two workers not seeing eye to eye, grievances against managers, stress meeting deadlines, to name just a few. The conflict itself tends not to be the main issue, it’s the way that individuals and organisations deal with it (or fail to deal with it). This workshop is designed to give you a positive approach to managing, resolving and where appropriate, preventing conflict.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is for managers, supervisors, team leaders, or anyone who struggles to consistently obtain positive outcomes from conflict situations. Equally useful for more experienced managers who would like to pick up new techniques for dealing with communication failure or personality clashes.


By attending this one-day workshop you will attain positive ways of dealing with a conflict when it arises and the ability to identify and deal with behaviours which trigger and escalate conflict. You will have the confidence to confront people in a way that minimises defensiveness and hostility and the skills to control your own anxiety, anger and fear in a conflict situation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the truths about conflict
  • Understand the reasons why conflict occurs
  • Identify any red flags which indicate conflict
  • Uncover the differing types of conflict
  • Work through effective steps to resolution
  • Learn the rules for ‘open communication’
  • Discover proven ways to prevent conflict
  • Separate the person from the problem
  • Mediate effectively
  • Behaviours and barriers
  • Break the link between emotions and actions
  • Build trust and respect

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