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Considering Human Behaviour when Marketing

Course Outline

Whatever product or service you are trying to market, it is always ultimately other human beings that you are trying to sell to. When taking this into account, it becomes evident that understanding the factors that effect human behaviour when buying will improve the possibility of commercial success.

To acquire and use this knowledge effectively, the model of behavioural economics offers scientific and robust methods to help you understand how and why human behaviour changes, as well as offering insight in how to prevent, plan for and respond to these changes.

Human behaviour course

Who should attend this course?

All elements of business will be covered in this course, as such it is relevant for anyone working in marketing, creative, innovation, research and insight, communications development, culture and change management.

Essentially, this course is of fundamental value to anyone who is responsible for, or has a say in, decision making in their business.

What you will learn

  • Why the outdated rational or cognitive model is still lingering around, and what’s wrong with it.
  • How we can use a new understanding of how the brain works when marketing a product or service, focussing on inherent and automatic responses, rather than suing the old model.
  • How appealing to the emotions aids marketing.
  • Reaching a broader audience through an individual.
  • The different roles of context and content
  • The limits of the information-processing and ‘messaging’ models of communication.
  • How communication can be restricted by the models of information-processing and ‘messaging’
  • You will leave having explored several particularly important areas; namely priming, norms, heuristics and availability
  • How these factors affect communications, alter human behaviour- both for consumers and B2B, and what this means for new product development.

This course will be delivered through and engaging combination of group work and collaborative exercises.

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