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Content Design


Create a better user experience through design

Course Code: TM143

Duration: 2 days


Good web design is vital and an integral part of your content marketing, your landing page clicks will be vastly reduced if you don’t get this on point. Just simplifying your web page to help visitors focus on a desired section can optimise performance.  It’s all about creating a better user experience (UX) as this focuses on how visitors feel and interact with target web pages.  This workshop will take you through design principles and best practices proven to improve the user’s journey, increase interactivity and induce actions.

Who Should Attend

This two day workshop has been designed specifically for people who have limited experience in creating web content and who would like to improve their approach using best practice techniques and create designs informed by UX insights. The workshop will cover end-to-end, agile, and user-centred ways of producing content.


Delegates attending will develop a strategy and approach for content design, they will learn best practices for creating and evaluating content and they will gain the confidence in using data to improve content.

Learning Outcomes

  • Business case - why do we need content?
  • Measurement - how to prove (ROI)
  • Journey mapping
  • Journey mapping templates
  • User experience principles
  • Psychology for digital marketing
  • Decision-making models
  • Persuasion techniques
  • How to write for the web
  • Search, social & email
  • Audience research techniques
  • Content Strategy

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