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Content Marketing Planning


Course Outline

This workshop outlines how to create the content, distribution techniques and measurement. On this course you’ll gain understanding and be able to apply this knowledge to building a content-marketing approach for your organisation.

Content Marketing Social Media


Completing the course will help you understand what content marketing is all about and how to sell its benefits into your organisation. You’ll have a more empowered and informed conversation on the subject, alongside an initial, sense-checked action plan to take back to your organisation. The course will also give you the chance to develop ideas and techniques that you can explore and trial afterwards.


Marketing executives and managers who are interested in developing their marketing skills to build a content marketing approach into their marketing plans


Why content marketing is important and its key benefits

The role of engagement in content development

Understand the role that content marketing plays in owned, paid and earned media.

How social media and blogging plays an important role in content marketing

How to measure and evaluate the impact of content marketing

The role of the value exchange – content in return for data

The role of content in SEM

How to go about building your content plan

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