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Copywriting Masterclass: Introduction


Course Outline

Everyone wants brand messages to be more impressive – using words that have greater impact on an ever more demanding audience. It’s easy to recognise poor copy, but sometimes harder to deliver great copy or substantiate the reasons why certain words simply ‘work’ faster or more effectively than others.  But how do we achieve this effectively? How can you generate great ideas, write brilliant copy, and get your colleagues to understand its potential with any chosen audience or means of communication? This course delivers the tips, tricks and techniques you need for effective cut-through and powerful communications in an information-rich, time-poor world. You will learn copywriting techniques that help marketers achieve tangible cut-through in today’s competitive landscape: covering tone; content; mediums; audiences; copy-stream management and much, much more…

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On completion, you’ll be capable of writing more effectively and creatively, realising better copy from colleagues and agencies, and persuading your colleagues that great copywriting can transform your organisation’s marketing performance. Having worked in a small group you’ll have picked up ‘quick tips’ and explored more complex concepts that’ll improve your copy overnight. And you’ll come away with more confidence, better able to plan, conceive, write and refine great copy for your brand.


Copywriters or senior marketers who deal with copy regularly.

Anyone who needs to manage the copy-stream more effectively

Teams who’d like their copy to resonate both internally and externally

Everybody who’s interested in the importance of copy in brand development


How to identify your own skills and improve your own copy – quickly, easily

To analyse, critique, and develop copy productively

Insights about copy techniques, tone of voice; effective communications

Managing copy, managing agencies, effectively helping colleagues

‘Instant’ wins – ways to improve the quality of your copy overnight

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