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CRM for effective marketing


Customise your proposition using customer insights

Course Code: TM33

Duration: 1 day


CRM is now a vital component of marketing. Working out how to customise your proposition based on segmentations of your customer base is a skill that needs to be implemented in all successful businesses. Planning your communications with different customers based on their needs will be covered.

Who Should Attend

The workshop will be beneficial to any marketers and communications professionals who need to garner new understandings of the customer base. These insights can then be deployed across a range of marketing and communications plans and programmes.


Developing and implementing a CRM plan, with the latest trends and developments covered. Rolling out campaigns and monitoring their effectiveness will also form a key part of the workshop, all while targeting key parts of your customer base. Data and information analysis will also be taught; how to reflect the data in innovative propositions is an important element of the process.

Learning Outcomes

  • CRM plans and programmes
  • Developing a CRM programme
  • Latest trends and developments
  • Objectives and goals
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of your CRM
  • Data and information analysis
  • Audience segmentation
  • Customer insights
  • New customer propositions based on research
  • CRM application across all digital channels
  • Social media and CRM
  • Segmentation of communications

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