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Cross Channel Digital Marketing

Course Outline

LEVEL: Introductory



Users are increasingly engaging with brands across multiple devices and channels in order to make informed purchase decisions. Final decisions can be impacted through different marketing channels, this means traditional tools and techniques are no-longer relevant. Optimising for multi-channels within digital marketing is essential for ongoing and global success.

Who is this course for

This short digital marketing training course is for marketers looking to take their first steps into understanding a consistant branding experience across multiple touchpoints in the user journey.


What you will learn

  • Create an intelligent and band positive multi-channel marketing plan
  • Understand customer expectations and user journeys to conversions
  • Use data segmentation to analyse the efficiency of each marketing channel
  • Use multiple tools for marketing
  • Use GTM and other measurement tools to full map conversion at different points of the user journey
  • Avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in multichannel marketing
  • Determine the best use of budgets across different channels



Attendees will improve understanding of marketing communications, develop strategic marketing skills and build a knowledge of how different channels can impact a marketing campaign.


Course Overview

  • The Basics – Looking at marketing channels within the digital marketing landscape
  • The challenges of an ever-connected world and The Internet of Things
  • Key features of a cross channel campaign, and what to avoid
  • Managing cross channel customer relationships
  • Key channels in your marketing process
  • The statistics behind cross channel interaction
  • Customer expectations within mobile
  • Common marketing models by industry
  • Planning, strategy and integration
  • Cross media optimisation
  • Integration of campaigns

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Course Outline

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