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Cross Selling With Ease

Increase revenues through cross selling techniques

Course Code: TM85

Duration: 1 day


You have a well-trained customer service team working the phones and handling customer queries and issues with professional competence. They are getting accolades for the way they handle queries, problems, incoming questions – but you now want them to become more pro- active and seek to find out additional needs of customers and let them know about the other products and services you offer. But without being too pushy.

Who Should Attend

Attendees will come from a sales background or be new to sales with a remit of selling multiple product or services.


By attending this workshop delegates will be confident in upselling, cross selling and portfolio selling.  They will learn about signposting, rapport building and the benefits of transition questions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Cross selling “Inner Game”
  • How beliefs affect cross sales skills
  • The 4 Pillars of Cross Selling
  • 7 Strategies to cross sell successfully
  • The Cross Selling Process
  • Transition questions
  • Opportunity questions
  • Vocal Cosmetics
  • Rapport building
  • Signposting
  • Listening on the phone
  • Questioning on the phone
  • Role play and coaching

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