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Digital Compliancy And Social Media Policy


Course Outline

Social media and digital marketing have completely changed how we engage with our audience. What do these new channels mean from a legal and compliance standpoint? How can we use these new digital channels effectively while minimising the risks to our organisations? What should we do when a social media crisis occurs? This course will answer all of these questions and more in a practical and-hands on way.

social media policy


On a personal level, you’ll benefit from understanding the risks and issues that need to be considered to get the most from digital marketing in a risk-mitigated way. And your organisation will reap rewards too. As well as covering all the potential legal and compliancy issues for each of the digital channels, you’ll have explored how social media policies can help with best practice implementation of digital marketing.


For individuals responsible for the effective delivery of digital marketing in risk adverse or compliance aware organisation. Anyone that needs to set clear guidance for their organisation around privacy and the use of data in digital marketing. Anyone that wants to minimse the possibilities of a social media crisis and learn how to deal with these types of crisis effectively.


Digital and risk in perspective

Social media crisis – learning from others mistakes

Privacy and data

Compliance issue:

Search Engines


Online Advertising



Data and privacy

Avoiding social crisis

Managing a crisis

Social media policy development

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