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Digital marketing masterclass


Design new marketing strategies using cutting edge techniques

Course Code: TM34

Duration: 2 days


This workshop will cover the development of effective marketing plans. The techniques and methodologies around this planning will be advanced and cutting edge. The workshop will allow for the design of new strategies which will offer tangible ROI.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit those who have a solid understanding of digital marketing and want to enhance existing skills. The workshop will use latest trends and insights to develop new strategies. Impact analysis will allow for participants to keep their marketing campaigns fresh and relevant, and in keeping with business objectives and increase of revenue.


Participants will gain a real understanding of the latest trends in digital marketing. The ability to then create and roll out highly-effective campaigns will then be taught. You will gain knowledge around innovative use of analytics and how to apply these strategies to meet your business requirements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Advanced digital marketing overview
  • New insights and trends
  • SEO and other technical elements
  • Keywords strategies
  • Social media & Paid search
  • Outreach via social & automated CRM
  • Customer journey
  • Email marketing
  • Targeting your audience
  • Analytics and data
  • ROI analysis
  • Marketing KPIs
  • Planning and implementation

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