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Driving Customer Insight from Research


Course Outline

There’s much talk these days about ‘big data’, as well as drawing insight from analytics. However, you need a mix of skills, along with a solid foundation in market research, to conduct in-depth customer insight. This course aims to create a mindset that will mean you look for, generate and recognise insight, and apply it to make better business decisions.

To draw insight from market information, you need a deep understanding of customers’ attitudes and consumer behaviour. On the course, we’ll focus on information requirements, data collection options and how to ensure required information is available and accessible for business decisions.

customer insight research


We’ll challenge you to go beyond the traditional approach to market research, and appreciate how a deeper insight will yield better business decisions. By learning to use a mix of tools as data collection options, you’ll find new ways to contribute ideas on new product development, brand identity and or business expansion.


This course is intended for those who are responsible for the collection and dissemination of market information to management, ensuring that information needs can be met on a regular, and planned, basis.

You are likely to be in a marketing function and possibly new to market research and/or marketing information.


The course will focus on the following topics

Understand the meaning of insight and develop an interpretation relevant to your own organisation

Learn to draw on a wide variety of sources of information to create insight

Review existing information available internally and externally

Understand customer needs, monitor customer satisfaction, measure company performance

Plan a market survey and select appropriate methodologies

Use the customer database to develop insight

Analyse qualitative and quantitative research

Use market information as part of the planning process

Develop a more creative approach to collecting and interpreting customer data

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