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Effective Brand Management


Course Outline

This workshop outlines the key tools required to effectively manage a brand in an increasingly challenging market environment. From conducting a brand audit to developing and implementing a brand strategy the workshop will provide a framework and process of how an effective brand plan is built, and how to align customer and brand strategies through a well-planned marketing mix.

Brand management brainstorming


Through understanding and applying best practice in brand management you will learn how to plan, build and apply brand strategy and tactics to meet your existing and emerging customers’ needs and wants – building the brand’s equity, developing robust brand plans and providing effective marketing campaign management. This workshop will provide the marketing skills and competitive edge essential in today’s increasingly challenging and commoditised marketplace.


Understand the laddering of benefits and anatomy of brands.

Use key tools to explain and manage brand architecture within a portfolio

Carry out a robust brand audit you can then apply to strategy

Construct powerful positioning strategy

Align customer, brand and business objectives

Create the components of an effective brand plan

Use brand identity and positioning as a base for communications, including new media

Use measurements that demonstrate the success and health of your brand and support the business case

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