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Effective Delegation


Become empowered in the art of delegation

Course Code: TM131

Duration: 1 day


Delegation should never be looked at as just passing another task on, it should be looked more like passing on a baton in a relay race. Before handing over you should ultimately understand the capabilities of the person, their commitment to the task, their experience, are they responsible? And is there mutual trust and respect in place?  This practical course provides an insight into delegation and teaches you what to delegate and when, it will also provide immediately useful coaching and development techniques that are fundamental to delegating effectively.

Who Should Attend

This one-day workshop has been designed to meet the needs of managers, supervisors or team leaders in need of a better understanding of how and when to delegate.


Delegates attending this one-day workshop will feel empowered and completely comfortable with the art of delegation. They will be confident in their approach and gain a recognition of what should and shouldn’t be delegated.  They will develop the ability to empower and develop individuals and learn the techniques to overcome resistance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Managing empowerment
  • The greatest sins in delegation
  • Why we avoid delegating
  • The benefits of delegating
  • Focusing on objectives rather than tasks
  • Using delegation as a motivational tool
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Ensuring a successful outcome for all involved
  • How to maximise the skills of your team members
  • What should and should not be delegated
  • Analysing the different management styles
  • Improving your listening and coaching skills
  • Give feedback and appraise your staff

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