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Essentials For Successful Exhibitions


Course Outline

This workshop outlines why exhibitions are a powerful and impactful method for meeting your market face to face. But few organisations really understand how to maximise their investment. Planning, presentation, promotion, people, sales, marketing and follow-up are covered using exercises, discussions, case studies, video and presentations.


Benefit from more measurable objectives, an impactful presence, and people trained to deliver the relevant results. This workshop will make your exhibiting results soar. Learn how to design stands, exploit the PR opportunities and understand the experiential opportunities that exhibitions offer. Follow up exhibitions more effectively by adopting a proven method to qualify, prioritise, chase and manage leads.


This course is suitable for first-time exhibitors and managers with some experience. Those undertaking the task for the first time or others who are more experienced will also find the workshop useful.


Plan your approach more effectively by identifying, qualifying and selecting the right exhibitions for your company.

Prepare in advance by clarifying real exhibition objectives and establishing appropriate checklists and timetables.

Present a stand by confirming the principles and concepts of venue and stand hall layouts.

Promote attendance by identifying tactics and ideas designed to increase stand visitor numbers.

Follow up exhibitions more effectively by adopting a proven method to qualify, prioritise, chase and manage leads.

Achieve overall business objectives.


Planning – how to choose the shows that are right for you and address your objectives.

Presentation – the basics of design and layout; tools and ideas for making an impact.

Promotion – making sure the right people come, and how to entice them.

People – how to select, brief and train your stand staff.

Sales – techniques to get results before, during and after the show.

Marketing: how to use an exhibition to meet other marketing objectives.

Follow-up – the part that really matters.

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