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Finance For Non-Financial People


Course Outline

This workshop will deliver a sound understanding of financial principles, techniques and methodologies. This course will provide a sound footing for anyone wishing to understand financial   approaches whether working in sales, marketing, product management, accountants, operations, technical roles or general management. No specialist knowledge or experience in finance is required.


Understand how finance and accounting principles are applied in business decisions. Be confident in your discussions with financial managers when presenting marketing plans and business cases and know what’s meant by different approaches to financial management such as ROI, Break Even, Pay Back Analysis etc

You will be encouraged to share the challenges you face in your organisation when meeting your financial managers and appreciate the basis of arguments for and against your requirements. You will develop increased confidence when making financial decisions supported in the knowledge that it will be more logical, more profitable and better informed.


This practical, no-nonsense course is designed for those people in non-financial roles who are required to make or justify financial requirements or decisions.  It assumes no specialist knowledge or experience in finance. Sales, marketing, product management, accountants, operations and technical personnel will find this course helpful. General managers who want to get up to speed on current thinking or want to know what their pricing people do, will also find this course of beneficial.


Principles of finance

  • Understand how basic accounting principles apply to business decisions.
  • How to assess the ROI of a product or service proposition.
  • Know what is meant by basic accounting principles and when / how these principles are applied.
  • Recognise the factors to take into account when assessing profitability of business decisions.
  • Undertake simple financial calculations
  • Use simple financial management methods.

Financial pillars – key concepts

  • Breakeven analysis, contribution, discounting and the price-contribution-volume relationship.
  • Financial concepts especially ROI, payback, break-even, cash flow
  • Accounting methods and approaches

Description of accounting methodologies and critique.

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