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GDPR & Marketing


An introduction to lawful and compliant direct marketing

Course Code: TM18

Duration: 1 day


Now more than ever, marketers need a concrete understanding of the legal frameworks behind the campaigns they roll out. GDPR is a large focus of organisations and understanding its impact is essential to avoid any regulatory issues.

Who Should Attend

This course will be for those working in marketing currently but lacking knowledge in these key fields of legal and compliance. It will also benefit those who manage databases or have other duties within the marketing functions.


Participants will enhance their knowledge of legal contexts of marketing. GDPR will be used to develop marketing lists and email campaigns, all while increasing and optimizing the targeting of your database distribution.

Learning Outcomes

  • Deliver lawful data driven marketing programs
  • Developing compliant marketing campaigns
  • Compliant forms and privacy policies
  • Purchasing data: what can you buy?
  • Sharing data: growth through sharing data
  • Security and data: protect information
  • Email lists and retaining subscribers
  • Compelling privacy notices
  • Advertising standards and codes of conduct

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