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Global Branding


Course Outline

This workshop provides an insight into the nature of global branding and provides a framework for developing an international brand strategy.

Give your brand a global health check as well as consider how its national and regional characteristics can provide a competitive advantage. Select which brand model best suits your international ambition, whether global, local, standardised or adapted, making sure your brand doesn’t get lost in translation. The workshop covers digital branding, experiential branding, intellectual property and the role of brand ambassadors.

Using practical exercises and examples, you’ll learn how to grow a brand across international and cultural boundaries.

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You’ll bring to your organisation an awareness of the issues and options available when communicating their brands to an international audience. On a personal level, you’ll be capable of appraising your brands’ strengths and considering the relevant strategy.


This course is designed for people interested in growing their brand(s) value by entering into new international markets. The attendees will ideally have the responsibility to manage and instigate brand identity communications and is appropriate for Marketing Executives, Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, Business Owners, Graphic Designers and Design Managers from start-ups to established enterprises.


Global Brand health check: Assess your existing Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Brand Culture for strengths and weaknesses.

Place of Origin: The halo effect of national and regional characteristics.

Global Brand Architecture: Which model for your brand; global, local, standardised or adapted?

Global Brand meaning: Don’t get lost in translation.

Global Brand tribes: Bridge global cultural differences.

Global Digital Branding: Online, Social and Mobile brand communication.

Experience branding: Delivering global brand touchpoints.

Global Brand Ambassadors: Your people are the measure of the brand.

Brand Protection: Intellectual Property, Licensing and Franchising.

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