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Course Outline

Do you have regular reports from Google Analytics but no real idea what they mean and what matters about them? This workshop highlights what matters in this powerful reporting tool.  It will help you understand the actions to take in common circumstances and how to tailor activities to enhance your business objectives. We’ll covers key aspects including:

• reports

• goals

• campaign tracking

• social media

• how to get insights

• watching your site live


This Google Analytics course is designed to highlight what matters most for a marketer using this powerful reporting tool. Build your skills and confidence and leave with an understanding of the Google Analytics measurement framework and how the to set up reports, goals and campaign tracking. You will know which reports to focus on and which shortcuts are available to get more valuable insights. Your organisation will benefit from a greater web presence, alongside an awareness of which marketing channels are most valuable and the leads or sales being generated.


This Google Analytics  course is for any marketing manager, digital executive or business person who is receiving or creating Google Analytics reports but doesn’t know what ‘right’ looks like. To attend the course requires you to have access to a fully working Google Analytics account for a website, preferably with Admin access to the Account.


This Google Analytics training course gives meaning and value to the many reports available for any website.

Use and interpret content reports to measure what visitors want from and are doing with your sites.

Identify quality traffic and drivers of revenue and conversions to action.

Set up and track digital marketing campaigns; search (paid and non-paid), email, social, display, affiliates, etc.

Extract actionable insights from the Google Analytics reports to lead performance improvements.

See your visitors in real time on your website.

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