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Google Analytics


Revise and optimise your marketing output

Course Code: TM37

Duration: 1 day


Google analytics is the market leader in monitoring marketing output. However, many organisations do not have the capacity or understanding of its full functionality. This course will show participants how to maximise the potential of this powerful tool to increase revenue and drive growth.




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Who Should Attend

This workshop benefits marketers and data analysts whose primary focus is web marketing and design. Enhance existing skills in this area to complete reports and increase revenue and lead generation.


This workshop was developed to expose what functionalities matter to your organization the most. Google analytics can be a complex and unwieldy tool, but once you have a grip of its capabilities, your confidence in your marketing output will increase.

Learning Outcomes


• Content reports: interpretations
• Measure web visitor activity
• Identify what the drivers of traffic are
• Track marketing campaigns
• Gain valuable insights from analytics
• Monitor web visitors on your site in real time

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