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Impact and Influence


Build rapid rapport and influence

Course Code: TM111

Duration: 1 day


Would you like to instantly recognise the personality traits of your customers and build rapid rapport? Rapport can be defined as a ‘wavelength’ you have to share with someone in order to sell. We’ll teach you advanced techniques to develop and maintain rapport with everyone.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for account managers, account directors, customer services or anyone that would benefit from understanding how to communicate and influence to gain maximum impact.


This workshop takes you beyond matching needs to benefits towards understanding how to recognise people’s decision-making strategies and how to get them into a ‘buying mood’. You’ll learn objection handling techniques that’ll stop you memorising responses and let the customer answer themselves.

This workshop has built in advanced skills from NLP and SDI® to instantly adapt to your customer or prospect and sell how they wish to buy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a firm grasp of the 4 main colours of the SDI© • Be able to recognise a customer’s colour quickly
  • Appreciate your own colour and impacts on selling
  • Learn how to “borrow” character traits
  • Master the ability to influence each colour
  • Learn the 90:90 Rule the impacts
  • Using NLP -build durable rapport with customers
  • Learn about the 4 NLP meta programmes
  • Customer buying strategies
  • Turn customer resistance around with the NLP
  • Learn subtle NLP Hypnotic closing techniques

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