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Implementing a CRM Programme


Course Outline

Customer relationship management is having a huge impact on marketing. Learn how to segment your customers, develop insights and deliver customised propositions to them. Then discover how to plan and measure an engaging communications programme using traditional and digital channels that will treat different customers differently. The world of marketing is changing fast with new digital channels and CRM tools available. To make campaigns more successful it’s imperative that marketers keep up to speed with these opportunities.


You’ll leave able to build and execute a CRM programme, with knowledge of

key trends and implications for marketers. You’ll also be capable of setting

objectives, measuring and testing campaigns, and segmenting and targeting

your audience. In addition, you’ll be able to collect and analyse data, and

develop customer insights and engaging customer propositions. You’ll take

away and understanding of the new digital channels, too, and be ready to

integrate traditional and digital channels and social CRM. Lastly, you’ll know the

difference between satisfaction, loyalty and CRM and decide which customers

receive which communications at which time.


This course is for marketing practitioners who wish to improve their CRM skills and build an effective CRM communications programme.

Marketing communications practitioners who want to understand how to develop insights and develop engaging multi-channel communications programmes



Plan, build and execute a CRM programme.

Key trends and implications for marketers

Setting objectives.

Measure and test campaigns.

How to collect and analyse data.

Segment and target your audience.

Develop customer insights.

Develop engaging customer propositions & reviewing creative

Understand the new digital channels

Integrating traditional and digital channels, social CRM

The difference between satisfaction, loyalty and CRM

Decide which customers receive which communications at what time

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