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Implementing strategy


Develop, implement and execute strategies effectively

Course Code: TM07

Duration: 1 day


In an ever-changing corporate and business environment, the effective development and execution of a successful business strategy becomes increasingly important. This workshop will take you from the theoretical world of the corporate strategy to the practical world of implementing it. The course will highlight key tactics for successful implementation and avoid pitfalls through best practice.

Man in suit watched by two business woman drawing a plan onto a transparent board/glass

Who Should Attend

This course is well suited to those involved in the operational implementation of their organisation’s strategy. It is also ideal for those working on the higher-level strategy side of this process. This workshop can also be beneficial for those involved in the day-to-day implementation of the strategy, including project managers, salespeople, marketers and finance teams.


Participants will gain a clear grasp on the preparation required for a successful and seamless implementation of a strategy. Participants will also learn about the requisite monitoring and ongoing work to make the strategy work for your organisation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Tools and tactics for implementing strategy
  • Interpret strategy and implement it practically
  • Navigate organizational roadblocks
  • The capacity of your organization
  • How to retain the buy-in of key stakeholders

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