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Improving Marketing Strategy Through Insight

Course Outline

This course sets out to teach attendees how to use research carried out by their business to supplement their growth strategy. We offer an individual and practical assessment of your process for generating insight, and consider which people and what resources can be utilised to optimise your strategy with these insights at its core.

Over the course of this programme, we will cover:

  • How insight is valuable to business
  • How to generate fact-based insight from data
  • Growing analytical skills and thinking critically
  • Improving your strategy to increase value

Who should attend this course

This course has been developed for marketing managers and insights professionals who maintain that insight is a necessity, not simply a bonus. Attendees are required to have a working knowledge of their company’s business strategy. You will be particularly well suited to the programme if you manage a research budget or oversee and insights or strategy team.

What will you learn

  • How to view your business strategy through the lens of insight
  • How to engage in problem solving with a fact-based approach
  • How to optimise your research process and apply this with a ‘plan-do-review’ framework
  • How to communicate a business strategy characterised by insight

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