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Integrated marketing communications planning


Create a well synchronised marketing and communications plan

Course Code: TM19

Duration: 1 day


A well synchronized marketing and communications plan will ensure your organisation’s message remains consistent across all platforms and communication types. Whatever the distribution channel (from print, to email, to social media) this message must remain constant.

Who Should Attend

This course will benefit those working in communications functions. If you are looking to improve on your existing skills or discover new ones to advance your career then this course is for you. Others in roles such as marketers and brand managers will also benefit from the course.


You will be able to deliver clear and effective messages across a number of platforms and channels whilst learning best practice around channel selection and use of communications which will allow you and your organization to work in new and innovative ways.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn why an integrated approach is so important
  • Planning and strategy
  • Customer and brand insights
  • Goals and indicators
  • Communications and marketing alignment
  • Monitoring campaigns
  • Best platforms, tools and technologies
  • Optimization

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