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Internal Communications


Course Outline

Many organisations talk about the need to empower their staff. But how many walk the talk? By joining this course, you’ll develop a blueprint for internal communications media and content for your organisation, ensuring staff buy fully into what the company is trying to achieve. The workshop offers a simple yet effective process that will help you treat your people as internal customers, with all the benefits that will bring.



On completing the course, you’ll recognise the benefits reaped from effective

internal communications. Moreover, you’ll understand the factors that make

internal communications a great vehicle for acquiring, motivating and retaining

staff. If you’ve got one, you’ll be able to audit and improve your current system –

are you using the right media to get the right messages across? You’ll also be

ready to develop a blueprint to help disseminate organisational objectives,

targets and information throughout all departments and divisions.For website – please complete all fields.


The workshop is not limited to those in the marketing discipline. Although Internal Communications often falls nowadays within the remit of marketing, many other descriptions are used including Workforce Enablement, or Employer Branding and many other functions would also find it useful. This workshop is suitable for private, public & non-profit organisations.


Analyse your organisation – what sort of organisation are you, & what are your corporate objectives? How does this affect your “tone of voice”?

Set down your specific communication objectives, both strategic and tactical

Segment your audiences – rank stakeholders in order of importance & power

Develop key messages and themes for each group

Match communications vehicles & media to your objectives

Implementation – set and follow an action plan

Recognise and defuse barriers to implementation

Measure the outcome – how to set appropriate Key Performance Indicators and metrics to judge success

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