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Introduction To Digital Marketing

Course Outline

LEVEL: Introductory



The exploitation of digital marketing as a marketing tool is essential to improve customer value and competitiveness in what can be crowded markets. This means designing and running accessible and engaging campaigns. To increase potential fully it is essential to use the right tools and techniques for improvement.

Who is this course for?

This training course is designed for people and businesses looking to build a better understanding of digital marketing techniques, planning and tools, with a view of improving digital marketing activity across the website and improving business results.


What you will learn

  • How to understanding the digital marketing landscape, tools available and key techniques
  • Create and develop data led digital marketing campaigns
  • Develop clear measurables and data for performance measurement
  • Design and develop a website and online identity
  • Improve digital marketing through SEO and PPC
  • Building a digital profile through active content, link building and social media channels
  • Design and deliver strong propositions for internal or third party stakeholders
  • Digital metrics, such as Google Analytics



Understand how to break into and achieve results in a busy and established digital marketing world. Businesses will gain further understanding website use, email use and digital landscapes to achieve business goals. Long term this will put businesses in a position to deliver targeted and integrated customer services.


Course Overview

  • What is digital marketing and why does it matter?
  • Tools and techniques to use (and to avoid!)
  • Key pros and cons of utilising digital – what are the challenges and opportunities.
  • What are the successful digital brands doing online?
  • Building a positive and engaging digital marketing profile
  • Developing a data-led digital marketing plan
  • GDPR, legal requirements and Your Money or Your Life
  • Digital analytics and metrics to measure campaign success

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