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Introduction To Behaviourial Economics


Course Outline

All business depends on selling or marketing to human beings. Anything that helps us better understand how and why people buy things improves our chances of commercial success.

Behavioural Economics is a more scientifically robust and accessible model for understanding the basis of behaviour change in a fundamentally different way and how to implement against it.


You’ll replace the old faulty rational-consumer model with one that is more in line with cutting-edge thinking about the emotional and social triggers underlying behavioural change.

This knowledge will affect how you make decisions within company culture across all elements of marketing such as pricing, positioning, creativity, communications and innovation. You’ll understand and be able to apply concepts such as choice architecture, heuristics, anchoring, priming and other cognitive biases.


This course will touch all aspects of business and appeal to all those who work in marketing, creative, innovation, research and insight and communications development to culture and change management.

In short, it is essential for anyone whose role involves exploring or affecting decision-making.


The old rational or cognitive model and why –though wrong – it still clings on.

Instead, the new understanding of the brain and focussing on inherent and automatic responses.

The role and importance of engaging the emotions.

From the individual to the collective.

Content versus context.

The limits of the information-processing and ‘messaging’ models of communication.

Specific areas such as priming, norms, heuristics and availability will be explored.

What this means for communications, changing consumer (and B2B) behaviour and communication and new product development.

All in an entertaining and lively mixture of collaborative learning, and team exercises.

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