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Introduction To Marketing Communications


Course Outline

This workshop outlines the communication tools and techniques available to marketers. Topics covered include marketing communications in context, current and future trends in marketing communication, the marketing communications mix, working with agencies including the briefing process. Managing the relationship between marketers and communications agencies and measuring the communications campaign.


Widen your knowledge and expertise in marketing communications and understand the full range of communication tools and channels available. Evaluate the way in which this dynamic field is changing through social media, mobile and digital platforms across the communications mix including advertising, PR, direct marketing, and sales promotion.


People who are new to the world of marketing communications and are looking for a concise overview.

Those who have marketing communications responsibilities as part of a wider role.


Analyse the role of marketing communications within your organisation.

Uncover the needs of target audiences to aid communications messages.

Judge the effectiveness of campaign activity.

Work closely with professional suppliers such as advertising agencies.

Assess key marketing communication tools and techniques including advertising, direct mail, public relations and sales promotion, as well as personal selling.

Capitalise on the full potential of electronic media in a marketing communications context.

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