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Introduction To Marketing Metrics & ROI


Course Outline

This workshop provides an introduction as to how marketing metrics can be used to measure marketing performance. The concept of return on investment will be explained and a widely used formula will be provided with sample calculations. The workshop will also identify a range of other key metrics you can use to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing activity.. You will leave the workshop with some tools, techniques and templates to use immediately.


A focus on impact and accountability, driven by the ability to link the effort expended and rewards won (ROI/ROMI). Within your organisation you will be able to prove that marketing makes a clear contribution to the achievement of your organisational goals. Marketing will be perceived as value driving, rather than superficial and ‘fluffy’.


Who is the training for? Give examples of job roles/disciplines/levels/types of business?  Indicate the business level that the course addresses – is it a tactical/operational or strategic course? Does the course assume any prior knowledge of any sort?

This workshop is designed for people and organisations that understand the critical importance of measuring and evaluating their marketing activities and expenditure and are keen to do something about it. The content is broad in coverage and therefore whilst it covers all of the key aspects, it does so in ‘fundamentals’ as opposed to ‘in depth’ manner.


What are the specific topics they will learn about on the course that will lead to improvements in the workplace?

  • Design a basic marketing performance measurement system
  • Avoid common design, implementation and management pitfalls
  • Utilise common performance measurement frameworks (e.g. ‘Balanced Scorecard’)
  • Develop internally consistent metrics (linked to ‘SMART’ objectives) using a ‘Metric Definition’ template
  • Calculate the ROI at strategic (client/customer/consumer) and tactical (mix) level
  • Measure the efficiency and the effectiveness of strategic and tactical marketing activities – including digital and social media) – Metrics Workshop
  • Develop plans with emphasis on good implementation, evaluation, control and feedback
  • Design and deliver appropriate and targeted marketing activity reports and indicators – including ‘Marketing Dashboard’
  • Ensure that marketing is seen as focused, accountable and adding value

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