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Introduction to New Product Development


Successfully innovate to compete and grow

Course Code: TM59

Duration: 1 day


Developing and launching successfully launching new products is crucial to an organisations growth strategy. Successfully developed and launched products provide additional sources of income, but can be costly and time consuming, so carries risks as well as rewards Extensive research indicates that failure rates are high and to have any chance of success practitioners must adopt a well-structured and proven process.

Who Should Attend

Managers and executives, irrespective of function, who are or expect to become involved in the development of new products and the innovation process within their organisation.


This course will help you to become familiar with NPD approaches and appreciate the benefits and principles of good management. The NPD learned and adopted correctly will significantly improve your product success rates and drive revenues. You will leave equipped with a strategic NPD process and an understanding of the key activities associated with its launch.

Learning Outcomes

  • NPD process - what is it?
  • The idea generation process
  • Stakeholders Insights - customers, colleagues
  • Assessment
  • Feasibility analysis (develop & Screen )
  • Concept Development (SWOT)
  • Product Development
  • Commercialisation strategies
  • Launch/rollout
  • Success factors

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