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Introduction to Storytelling


Using stories to lead and inspire

Course Code: TM71

Duration: 1 day


Stories have a deep and entrenched origin in history, from world wars to biblical narratives, stories carry strong emotional content and generally revolve around people.  A great storyteller can and hold and captivate an audience by bringing a story to life using anecdotes and jokes.  This workshop looks at the role of the great stories, how they can be used in every area of life, personal and business. Storytelling is an art, a proven and effective communication technique that once mastered will have you thinking, speaking and presenting in stories.

Who Should Attend

This course is aimed at a range of people who can use stories to inspire and influence others. This includes leaders of teams and organisations, teachers and sales and marketing people where stories have value in communicating and influencing others.


By attending this workshop you will gain an understanding of how and when stories work.  You will get the chance to try out skills in the writing of a stories as well as delivering them.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is a story?
  • Stories and their influences
  • What makes a good story?
  • Characters, plots and messages
  • Types of story
  • Anecdotes, jokes and longer formats
  • The use of stories
  • Inspiring and motivating
  • Teaching, coaching & mentoring
  • Marketing, public relations and selling
  • Need, message, source, method of delivery
  • Language, tone, structure, pace, use of facts
  • The importance of authenticity

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