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Making Innovation Happen


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Course Code: VS17

Duration: 1 day


How do the most successful innovators generate more than their fair share of smart ideas? How do they unleash the creative talent of their people? How do they move ideas through their organisations and supply chains that are not only creative but fast to market? Real innovation is often a messy, experimental process that requires a revitalised mind set.

This programme represents a great opportunity to transform your thinking and skills to become an effective innovator. Understand how innovation happens in practice and why some companies excel at it while others flounder and never make a breakthrough.

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Who Should Attend

​The audience for the programme are entrepreneurs in start-ups or small firms to middle-senior managers in medium to global sized firms. The programme is equally valuable to managers in non-profit organisations, governmental institutions, or any similar institution or organisation. The programme requires no background in innovation or product development and all relevant tools and frameworks will be explained from very basic concepts.


Innovation is not just about having ideas, it is about being able to implement your exciting new ideas successfully. That’s definitely no easy task and one that requires a combination of skill-sets. This programme will teach you how to look beyond your organisation to generate fresh ideas for innovation. We will help you pinpoint your innovation challenges and develop a robust yet flexible action plan so you can create and drive organisational value and secure buy-in so your innovations will stick.

Learning Outcomes

• Types of innovation that exist
• Conditions for successful innovation
• Strategic innovation in the digital era
• What causes innovation to fail
• What makes creative people creative?
• How to become an 'innovation architect'
• How should I manage an innovative team?
• What is an innovation portfolio and how can I manage one?
• Why do so many great ideas get killed?
• Innovation constraints framework
• Empowering people engaged in creation, innovation and positive change
• Translate an idea to a commercially viable product
• Create innovation in your idea/concept
• Methods of protecting your idea
• Create a commercialisation plan
• Make your idea attractive to investors/manufacturers/sales outlets

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