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Making Innovation Happen


Course Outline

Ensure successful innovation happens in your organisation. Understand the step by step approach that leading innovators use to find and exploit growth opportunities for their organisations.

The workshop is delivered as a blend of presentation, practical exercises.

You will be provided with tools, templates and techniques to apply in your organisation.

Topics covered include:

Understanding the types of innovation available to organisations

How building an innovative organisational culture can drive commercial success

Tools and techniques for generating new innovative customer solutions

How to successfully bring new innovations to market

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Innovation and growth are key priorities for many organisations, but they can be difficult to achieve. Applying this programme’s best practice based, step by step strategic approach innovation can significantly increase the success rate of new innovations.

You will learn how to apply innovation tools which you can take away and use within your organisation.  You also learn how the digital technologies can accelerate your innovation effects and leverage your organisation’s resources.


This course is suitable for:

those involved in innovation, product management, marketing and business development roles

those with an interest in making their organisations more innovative, who may be working in other (non-marketing) functions, such as finance, operations or technology roles

The course assumes an appreciation of marketing practices and focuses on the needs of commercial organisations.




What is innovation and what role does it play in successful organisations?

Understanding the landscape of innovation, from incremental to breakthrough approaches.

How to ensure your organisation has a soundly based innovation strategy.

How organisations build a climate in which innovation can thrive

Using discovery processes to find fresh perspective and spot innovative ideas

Using creative problem solving, open innovation and crowdsourcing to accelerate innovation plans

Innovating business models to create greater customer value

Prepare business cases that support the development and introduction of new innovation solutions.

The future of innovation and the role of digital technologies.

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