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Managing Digital Campaigns

Course Outline

This digital marketing training course will provide attendees with a pathway to achieve goals in a clear and precise manner. This course provides an advanced set of skills and approaches to use when reviewing and improving a digital content strategy. Within the course, attendees will touch upon key points of campaigns to identify areas for improvement across the digital landscape.

Who is this course for?

Attendees of this course should have a working knowledge of digital media and marketing and those who are responsible for digital communications within a company are likely to see the greatest benefit.


What you will learn

  • Review the latest online and digital marketing trends across SEO, PPC, Social and UX
  • Report, evaluate and improve the influence digital marketing has on your team and your organisation
  • Define data-led visions and marketing plans to achieve company goals within digital marketing
  • Use a range of digital tools to achieve and report upon marketing objectives
  • Make the most of cross channel marketing options
  • Develop skills to share with stakeholders the positive impacts of digital marketing work
  • Identify KPIs and systems to achieve and exceed these
  • Understand the main principles of the power of digital marketing in 2018
  • Understand the common mistakes and tools to avoid confusing data



Attendees of the course will increase in confidence in reviewing and managing digital strategies across different areas. This includes multiple touchpoints within the marketing process, KPI management and reporting to stakeholders. Skills within communication on how digital marketing can impact a business, leading a digital team and achieving business goals are also covered.


Course Overview

  • How to analyse markets and industry trends
  • Evaluating cross channel marketing campaigns on the sale funnel
  • How to audit brand, digital, team and tool strength based on business needs
  • Key points to review digital strategy
  • Setting goals, acquiring customers and increasing conversion rates
  • Analysis on the impact of digital marketing – pros and cons
  • Digital marketing tools – what to use and when
  • Using digital marketing effectively within a larger business plan
  • Google analytics, tracking and interpreting data

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