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Market And Sales Forecasting


Course Outline

This workshop will help those marketers who need to produce forecasts that reduce reliance on luck and minimise the risk of making incorrect forecasts. Practical forecasting techniques and skills are outlined within the context of putting theory into practice.

All key aspects of forecasting are covered from fundamentals and best and worst practice, to challenges and issues and appropriate tools and techniques. There’s a real emphasis on application, with hands-on exercises and mini workshops. IT/software (Excel® specifically) will be used to help produce and appraise forecasts.



You’ll benefit from a more professional approach to forecasting, including better collecting, analysing and interpreting of data and better utilisation of information technology. All this will increase your confidence in developing balanced and meaningful forecasts.

You will leave with the ability to apply basic and state-of-the-art qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques to produce better forecasts.


This workshop is designed for marketers who are proficient with spreadsheets and already have a reasonable understanding of the statistical side of marketing but want to develop their skills and confidence in more advanced quantitative aspects of market and or sales forecasting.


Create professional short, medium, and long-term forecasts.

Assess the marketing environment (macro, micro, internal).

Implement best practice in terms of forecast design, delivery and evaluation.

Collect the right data in the right way.

Integrate qualitative and quantitative research.

Measure markets, share, growth, and other parameters more confidently.

Convert the data into relevant information using various statistical tools and techniques.

Make realistic projections and offer alternative scenarios with ‘sensitivity analyses’.

Implement, evaluate and control your forecasting efforts professionally.

Apply within both strategic (customer…) and tactical (PLC, pricing…) arenas.

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