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Marketing Planning Fundamentals Course

Course Outline

Marketing planning allows an organisation to bring together its marketing audit, objectives, strategy, implementation and control under one umbrella to provide clear direction in relation to the key marketing value drivers. This includes understanding and working towards effective KPI and ROI measurements, delivering reports to stakeholders and managing internal and external teams.

Being able to develop an insightful cross functional marketing plan ensures that not just marketers contribute at your organisation’s strategic level, and allows for sales, delivery and management to engage and own elements of a marketing strategy to improve business success.

The marketing planning training course provides a clear framework that will allow you to apply the principles learnt to a case scenario making it easier to put into practice back in the workplace.

Marketing strategy

Benefits of this training course

This clear step-by-step process to producing a sound marketing plan will benefit attendees looking to improve everything from planning to the application of the marketing process.

Applying the principles taught within the course (including drawing from real life case studies), you’ll learn how to conduct a marketing audit, generate alternative growth strategies and summarise your decisions in a strategy statement based on business objectives.

You will leave more confident in your ability to write effective, actionable, marketing plans and ensure their implementation back in the workplace, leading to more satisfied customers and better bottom-line performance.


Who is this course for?

This marketing planning training course is targeted at new marketing managers having to prepare a marketing plan for the first time. You may be reviewing the effectiveness of your current marketing plans, return on investment, business targets or expected business growth.

Senior Managers will also find this workshop invaluable when needing to evaluate the plans submitted to them by specialists.


What you will learn

  • Defining marketing and the marketing planning process
  • Marketing audit including macro, micro and internal analysis summarised into a SWOT and key issues analysis
  • Setting objectives and generating alternative growth strategies including market penetration, market development, new product development and diversification
  • Market segmentation and brand positioning
  • The outline marketing mix
  • Summary strategy statements
  • Implementation and control including the process of planning, allocating, monitoring, organising and internal marketing issues
  • Action planning and review

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