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Measuring Brand Performance


Course Outline

Brands represent the organisation’s most important assets yet few organisations have the capability to successfully assess brand performance and establish the link between the brand and business performance. Many organisations lack a formal and systematic programme of metrics and analytics, that enable them to assess brand impacts and ROI.

This workshop will provide guidelines and best practice examples to support you in developing more effective measures of brand performance. Supported by presentation, exercises, discussions and video the focus throughout this workshop is to deliver practical knowledge and applications that can be applied in your organisation.

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You’ll gain knowledge and insights that will enable you to develop and implement a commercially oriented approach to brand measurement and evaluation. You will learn how to apply a mixture of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ metrics, as well as establishing the links between them via a brand scorecard and or brand / marketing modelling (econometrics).

This will support you when making and justifying brand and related marketing investments, establishing the link between brand investment and brand performance / impacts.


Undertake market research to establish brand positioning and track performance.

Conduct a comprehensive ‘brand audit’.

Design appropriate brand and related marketing metrics (using take-away template).

Avoid common metric design, implementation and management pitfalls

Create and integrate new digital and/or social media brand metrics, e.g. omni-channel ‘engagement’, social media ‘sentiment’…

Create a ‘Brand Dashboard/Scorecard’.

Establish links between brand, marketing activities, organisational performance and results, using both traditional and ‘state-of-the-art’ brand metrics and analytics.

Determine brand value (including ISO10668 standard).

Justify (attract additional/defend existing) brand investment and budget.


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